Justice by Michael Sandel


One way of introducing of course like this would be to promise you that by reading these books and debating these issues you will become a better more responsible citizen.

You will examine the presuppositions of public policy, you will hone your political judgment you’ll become a more effective participant in public affairs but this would be a partial and misleading promise political philosophy for the most part hasn’t worked that way.

You have to allow for the possibility that political philosophy may make you a worse citizen rather than a better one or at least a worse citizen before it makes you a better one and that’s because philosophy is a distancing even debilitating activity.

Michael Sandel.

I learned some philosophy, mostly philosophy of science while being a student. But I never know philosophy courses may be so interesting. Michael Sandel is an excellent philosopher and a great teacher. He engages students in discussions that are hard to imagine within university walls and brings many concrete cases for moral dilemmas.

I liked that students of professor Sandel took an essential part in the course. Participants demonstrated a great diversity of opinions and provided arguments (sometimes surprising) supporting their position.

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